La Senda del Jabalí

In 2018, Javier decided to open a sports shop, specifically, a runner shop. He called it «La Senda del Jabalí» (Wild Boar’s Trail), because of a real path in one of the mountains of the city of Cartagena: the mount Roldán.

This is the shape of the mount Roldán
Actual photo of mount Roldán I made in 2006 with my

Here’s the process to the final art, a wall painting for the display of the shop. Where you can find the most famous mountains of Cartagena: San Julián, Galeras, la Concepción, la Atalaya and El Roldán.

Watercolor and marker sketches of mounts San Julián and Galeras

Once a year, the sports council organises a trail race called «Ruta de las Fortalezas», so this collection of local mountains is perfect for a trail running shop, isn’t it?

Client: La Senda del Jabalí