Autoescuela Bárbara

Study for «B», plus first sketch for the outside. It came during the logo process.

Bárbara is a driving teacher who opened her own driving school in september 2018. She chose an old driving school property and changed it in her style. There would be necessary two kind of images: a shield (which looked like a car badge) and an horizontal one (to put in the car’s doors).

The requirements were: green, red and a pair of flags. So here they are.

The car badge one.
The horizontal one

I have to say this project was developed during summer 2018. Mediterranean summers are mostly hard because of hot and humidity. So I have to deal with this conditions to finish it before september. But results are satisfying, so it is worthy!

Promotional video, made by the city council
Opening day
The opening cake! ❤️

Client: Autoescuela Bárbara