Dicho y Hecho

“Dicho y Hecho” is a Spanish common expression which literally means “Said and done”. This is a series of small illustrations in three colors about other expressions or comments in Spanish. All the pieces and phrases are made on the go, so the title refers to all I can hear or remember during the day and draw it. Stay tuned, also in my Instagram feed.

The fool of the can.
Really old insult
Let the wind blows.
To emphasise two persons are too close. Old expression to stop cuddling your bae on a public place)
Hey, no.
When you seriously want to stop or refuse something
I want more.
Free way to anxiety
Thanks for coming.
You have to search this theme by Lina Morgan
Let me see it.
When you emphasize your need to see/confirm something you’re not 100% sure about
Ah! This is so good.
When you just really like something. Very very much.
Note: In Spanish it is popular to pronounce “b” as a “g”, like “bueno = güeno”
You want everything.
When someone wants to have or being all. Or both.
Sometimes we’re meant to choose
There won’t be next time.
Opportunities run out too.
Path of life
This is a special edition I made for a project from one of my EVS colleagues, a magazine which the main theme is traveling
We don’t look like the same.
When both things are totally different from each other
Off we go.
Also a cute name for an undertaker
It seems like the half-orange myth doesn’t work anymore
“Hideous as hell”.
Something really ugly, rude
“Full of doubts”.
Indecision always makes us feel anxious
Commas make create silence. Please, use them. Carefully
“Huge zero”.
Nothing at all, a really bad grade
“Like killing flies with cannon shots”.
Putting too much energy in a simple task
“It’s wrong . Always doing the same. I want to be in its shoes. I want its well-being. I care about it”.
Sometimes, when we judge someone we know well, we’re worried in the inside because we love that person